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I’m a generalist who loves using analogies & stories as a way of understanding & explaining what is confusing.


From left to right: Me holding a bottle of fish sauce and a coffee server, me sipping vinegar, my initial reaction, my final reaction.


I’ve made countless mistakes and have probably failed ten times as much, if not more. But I always learned something. It’s by taking the time to get to know ourselves — even the parts we don’t like — that we become better versions of ourselves.




A one-woman band YouTuber — from research to writing to filming to editing to creating thumbnails.


There are a million ways to do something. Perhaps, by making it fun, we can add life in the years.



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I’m grateful for and appreciative of the teachers in my life, both the ones who go by that title and the ones who don’t. Great teachers are hard to come by. They have the ability to simultaneously make the complicated more accessible to beginners and challenge the advanced. More importantly, “They help you see something in yourself that you had not seen on your own.”

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Feelings Coffee

But it’s rarely as enjoyable a process as eating a warm decadent chocolate cake. It’s more like accidentally discovering that the house you live in stands on what used to be a cemetery. And now you have to live with that fact.

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Between Exits & Entrances / Vimeo

But that discovery also lead to a change in the breadth, width, and depth of your perspective. That’s valuable because as they say, “Perception is reality.”

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