This website is home to Val's projects, the Tagalog course, the blog, and the newsletter.

The Projects-- "Look"

A collection of projects based on various roles.

The Tagalog Course -- "Nosebleed No More"

A fun and effective way of learning Tagalog, minus the outdated Tagalog words. 

The Blog -- "Coffee, Tea, Or, Me"


Everything related to coffee.


Everything related to the mind and body.


Failures, lessons, insights from my personal life and business.

The Newsletter-- "Learn Tagalog"

A Filipino tutor sharing practical information about learning Tagalog. 

Valerie Chaneco

I evolve as the world keeps changing.

Over the past ten years, I’ve been a flight attendant, a yoga teacher, a Tagalog tutor, an MBA student, an entrepreneur, a YouTuber, and a digital creator.

All of these roles helped me become better attuned to understanding and empathizing with what people want.

The user experience has always been at the core of what I do. Will this make the customer feel? How will it make them feel? How do I make this experience better for the customer? Is my work creating impact? Is this helping the person who will be receiving the product or the service? If I was in the customer's shoes, would I be happy with my purchase?