Gusto Quiz Part 3

Gusto Quiz Part 3

Test your knowledge about "gusto." Watch "Learn Tagalog | I Like You In Tagalog - PART 3" before answering the quiz. You have ten questions to answer. Once you submit your answers, the correct answers will appear in bold.

1. Which food did other Val want to eat? Check all the correct answers.(Required)

2. What did other Val want to crush?(Required)

3. What song did other Val want to sing?(Required)

4. What did other Val say Anna wanted to do with Val's heart?(Required)

5. Fill in the blank. Based on the video, what is the missing word from this sentence, "Gusto kong ________ ang kahapon."(Required)

6. Which of these sentences are WRONG? Check all the incorrect sentences.(Required)

7. Fill in the blanks. In this sentence, what is the missing word, "Gusto kong isara _______ puso ko."(Required)

8. In this sentence, where do we add the linker -ng, "Gusto ko__ ibaon__ ang sakit" ?(Required)

9. What did other Val want to bury?(Required)

10. In the examples in the video, which word is paired with "in, i" verbs?(Required)