Gusto Quiz Part 2

Test your knowledge about "gusto." Watch "Learn Tagalog | I Like You In Tagalog - PART 2" before answering the quiz. You have ten questions to answer. Once you submit your answers, the correct answers will appear in bold.

1. Which one means "Anong gusto mong gawin?(Required)

2. Which word can you use instead of "pelikula"?(Required)

3. What is the other way of saying "Gusto mong mag-breakfast"?(Required)

4. Did other Val want to go swimming?(Required)

5. Did other Val want to go to the beach?(Required)

6. What did other Val want to do?(Required)

7. Why was other Val upset?(Required)

8. Which verbs were mentioned in part 2?(Required)

9. Can you replace "gusto" with the word "ayaw" in this sentence, "Gusto mo ng kape?" Would it still be correct?(Required)

10. Check all the correct answers.(Required)

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