Gusto Quiz Part 1

Test your knowledge about "gusto." Watch the video "Learn Tagalog | I Like You In Tagalog - PART 1" before answering the quiz. You have ten questions to answer. Once you submit your answers, the correct answers will appear in bold.

1. What does "Gusto mo?" mean?(Required)

2. How do you ask someone if they like you?(Required)

3. How do you tell someone you like them?(Required)

4. Which one says "Gusto natin?"(Required)

5. Which questions are correct? Check all that applies.(Required)

6. Is "Ayoko" the same as "Ayaw ko"?(Required)

7. Check all the correct sentences.(Required)

8. What were the items that Val was offering other Val?(Required)

9. What are the possible answers to the questions "Gusto mo ba 'ko?" Check all the correct answers.(Required)

10. In part 1, I mentioned that there's a country wherein nodding the head means "no." Which country is this? I didn't specify which country.(Required)

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