Filipino Alphabet Quiz

Test your knowledge about the Filipino alphabet. Watch the video "5 Things You Should Know About the Filipino Alphabet | Letters" before answering the quiz. You have twelve questions to answer. Once you submit your answers, the correct answers will appear in bold.

1. How many letters did the Filipino alphabet have, prior to adding the borrowed letters?(Required)

2. Do Filipinos sometimes interchange the letters “f” and “p,” “v” and “b”?(Required)

3. In the Philippines, in which words would the letter “ñ” be commonly found?(Required)

4. When saying the word “pango,” how is it divided?(Required)

5. What does "pango" mean?(Required)

6. For the vowels in Tagalog, “a, e, i, o, u,” do we have a long vowel sound?(Required)

7. How many letters are in the Filipino alphabet after adding the letters from the Spanish alphabet?(Required)

8. True or False. The following letters were borrowed from the Spanish alphabet – “c, f, j, ñ, q, v, x, z.”(Required)

9. Which word is “tooth” in Tagalog?(Required)

10. According to the video, some Filipinos purse their lips (imagine someone pouting their lips). Why do they do this? Choose all the correct answers.(Required)

11. Which word means “fart”?(Required)

12. What does “ewan” mean?(Required)

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