Basic Tagalog Words | Adjectives Quiz

Test your knowledge about basic Tagalog words, such as adjectives used to describe food. Watch the video "Basic Tagalog Words | Useful Adjectives" before answering the quiz. You have 14 questions to answer. Once you submit your answers, the correct answers will appear in bold.

1. "Maalat," in the sentence, "Maalat yung Adobo," means...(Required)

2. "Walang lasa yung tubig." How was water described in this sentence?(Required)

3. "The Adobo is tasty." Which word means "tasty"?(Required)

4. In the video, which item has a scent that some people find off-putting?(Required)

5. What does "mabaho" mean in "Mabaho ang patis." ?(Required)

6. "Kadiri" is how you say "Yuck" or "Disgusting" in Tagalog.(Required)

7. "Mabaho" is the opposite of...(Required)

8. If someone tells you that the food is "bulok," is it still safe to eat it?(Required)

9. In the sentence, "Lasang sabon yung Adobo mo," the Adobo tastes like _______ ?(Required)

10. In the video, coffee was described as...(Required)

11. You just ate fruit that isn't ripe, yet. How would you describe the taste of the fruit?(Required)

12. You tried the Adobo and you thought it wasn't good. How do you say it wasn't good?(Required)

13. __________ ang asukal.(Required)

14. Other than the taste of vinegar, what were the other words in the video, which were described as "maasim"?(Required)

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