Hi, I’m Val Chaneco.

I create, write, and help people learn Tagalog.

Each week, I write two emails.


Tagalog Tuesdays shares bite-sized examples of how Filipinos actually talk in everyday conversations. Meanwhile,


Storytelling Saturdays is a collection of short Tagalog stories. The kind I’d send to my family and friends. 

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What I'm Working On

  1. On my YouTube channel, I create videos about the Tagalog language and Filipino culture.
  2. I teach Tagalog online. It’s where I share the secrets to becoming a Filipino whisperer.
  3. I write a weekly newsletter called Nosebleed No More, where I share practical information about Tagalog. 

Other Stuff

  1. I’m a former Emirates flight attendant who sometimes wishes she can teleport.
  2. Over the years, I’ve been many things: a flight attendant, a yoga teacher, an MBA student, an entrepreneur, a Tagalog coach, and a YouTuber.
  3. In 2020, I founded a company called Feelings Coffee. Some videos on Feelings’ Instagram page are in Tagalog. Have a look!
  4. I made this website with my friend’s guidance. He and WordPress are teaching me to be more patient.
  5. While cruising at 30,000 feet, I saw lightning below, instead of above. That was magical.

Get In Touch

  1. Instagram @valchaneco
  2. Email hello@valchaneco.com

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Each week, I share practical information about Tagalog.