Work Experience


FOUNDER  |  Feelings Coffee  | July 2020-Present

  • Conducted a comprehensive sales analysis and designed a dashboard to enhance revenue source visibility and customer behavior insight for informed decision-making.
    • Cleaned sales orders data collected through Google Forms using conditional formatting, TRIM, and XLOOKUP.
    • Generated pivot tables to track the month-on-month revenue, cost, and profit trends. Outcome:
      • Achieved a 77.5% increase in the number of boxes sold in the second series.
      • Improved selling retail price by 33%, reduced cost by 14%, and raised profit by 17% for the fourth series.
    • Designed and developed an Excel dashboard showing key metrics including total sales, total cost, total profit, average order value, average order quantity, average number of boxes sold for each series, and a geographical sales chart that identified significant opportunities in the National Capital Region (NCR). Outcome:
      • Added two additional courier options to support and expand the 79% of sales originating from the NCR. 
    • Produced Excel reports of detailed coffee information, logistics management, and roaster selection. Outcome:
      • Curated a selection of 69 coffees sourced from 19 local and international roasters, effectively attracting 79% of the customer base within the NCR, with an additional 21% in other regions of the country.
  • Initiated and conducted customer surveys to gather feedback on current product offerings, identifying preferences and opportunities for improvement.
  • Utilized SQL to perform table joins encompassing comprehensive data related to coffee attributes, roaster information, packaging materials, and packaging design tools.



  • Database Management: Utilized Excel as a primary database for song vocabulary, optimizing efficiency through text-to-column feature before transferring to a language app.
  • Leveraged Excel to employ the IF and COUNTIF functions for the development and scoring of quizzes, thereby automating real-time feedback on student responses. This yielded substantial time savings of approximately 1,000 hours per year, enhancing the overall coaching experience.
  • Effective Communication: Tailored language coaching sessions for individual student needs, facilitating comprehension of complex concepts.


CABIN CREW | Emirates Airlines | September 2008 - March 2013

  • Team Collaboration: Collaborated with diverse teams of over 100 nationalities to ensure safe and smooth flights.


MASTERS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION  | University of the Philippines-Diliman  |  2018-2020

  • Diagnosed problems within various case studies spanning strategy, marketing, operations, supply management, finance, and general management.
  • Led a team of five people and performed a comprehensive analysis of case information, leveraging Excel to identify trends and patterns across stock data, historical sales data, and company narratives.
  • Developed presentations to effectively convey case study problems, highlight results, showcase data insights, and provide actionable recommendations.

Additional Information

TECHNICAL SKILLS: Google Analytics (certified), SQL (certified), Microsoft Office Package (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), Tableau


LANGUAGES: Tagalog (Native), English (Fluent)

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